past present future

so what does one do when there you know something may not be your best scenario is something you want for the future?  it may not be healthy, but is something you think you want.

what does one do when there's something new and shiny that seem it would be heathly and good and yet still, the unhealthy still pulls at you

what does one do when total messed up from the past freight trains into the present and wants to be part of the future.

I think it's time for a nap.


NerdGirl said...

Yikes! That makes me want to eat a lot of cookies!!! It is hard to know what is the best route to go. Healthy seems like the right thing but if you can't fully invest in the healthy, then you shouldn't do it. Of course, if you know something is unhealthy, you shouldn't do it. See why I need a cookie? I guess you just have to trust your gut.

kell said...

holds out the cookie jar in offerance...... ugh.